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Enjoy The Luxury Of The Car In Pristina With Carruss Car Rentals!

People who land at the airport are always in a hurry to find a ride. They might be getting late for the meeting, desperate to see their family at home, or excited to explore the beautiful city. Pristina is centrally located, and you will need transport to get there. Outside of the airport, it is a struggle to find a taxi that will take you to your destination. Here comes the role of the best car rental Pristina services by Carruss where you get a low price, new cars, and friendly services. No matter why you need a car—to travel to places, to reach a meeting, or for any other reason—you are going to get the best cars with us. You can instantly hire a car at Pristina International Airport. Just make sure that you have your licence in your pocket to enjoy the perks of our best car hire services in Pristina. So if you are looking for the best yet cheap car hire services, then Carruss is all you need to look for on your smartphone.

We provide you with vehicles that are ready to take you on an adventure in this beautiful city. There are luxury hotels, restaurants, and nature. The weather here can surprise you, so come prepared. Everything about Pristina is top-class. With our number one car hire services you will be taking home just beautiful memories.


Get The Best Of Both Worlds.

When you choose Carruss, you get affordability, style, and unparalleled comfort. In this modern era, you do not have to take your car everywhere or wait in line for public transportation to reach your destination. You just have to call us or even hire a car via walk-in booking. It's super easy and super fun to dive off immediately the moment you land at the airport. When you hire us, you enjoy the luxury of exploring the Pristina streets and city according to your own fancies and whims. If you are on vacation, don’t you think going for a cheap car rental in Pristina makes sense? With your own vehicle handy, you can go anywhere and enjoy every site without hurrying because the bus is about to leave. With us, you can hire your favourite car for an hour or a week—the choice is all yours.


Visit Pristina With Freedom.

Just imagine the convenience of hiring new cars with us. You land at the airport, right where your car is waiting for you. Smart people never let the moment go through their hands, especially when they are travelling for special purposes. In an unknown city, it is a luxury to have a car. We have a wide array of choices ready for you. No matter whether you are looking for an SUV or an executive sedan, we have cars that are ideal for travelers. You can hire a car for a full-fledged family vacation, a honeymoon couple, a friend group, or a corporate visit with your staff. Having a reliable, cheap Pristina airport car hire service number will give you freedom.


It’s Simple And Easy To Book A Car With Us.

Many people dodge from traveling just because they think car hire is complicated. It certainly is not. We are super easy to book, and you can book your car online. When you book your car with Carruss, your car will be waiting outside the Pristina Airport right before your arrival. We value your time and never keep our customers waiting. We not only offer the best cars but also the best services. You can even compare car rental prices on our website to make sure your experience is in great hands. It’s a simple step process

  • Visit us
  • Fill in the form
  • Make payment

The best part of hiring us is the competitive rates and, from time to time attractive discounts. We ensure you save some more bucks while you are traveling to Pristina so that you can have more fun. It’s a promise that our cheap Pristina car hire is a budget-friendly service.


Cost-Effective And Safe.

In this era, car rentals are extremely popular, and with Carruss, you not only get the promise of cost-effective and cheap car rental at Pristina airport but also safety. You deserve a hassle-free travelling experience because you have paid for it. Every one of our premium vehicles is insured and in great condition. We make sure that cars are as comfortable as they need to be and equipped with the highest luxury standards. Our cars have all the modern features, like GPS, cameras, parking sensors, airbags, etc. So next time you visit Pristina, ensure you hire a premium car with Carruss to ensure on-road safety and the luxury of a car.

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Frequently asked questions

To book your car, all you need is a credit or debit card. On arrival you will need:

  • Your booking confirmation
  • The main driver's credit / debit card, including deposit
  • Each driver's full, valid driving licence, which they've held for at least 12 months (often 24).
  • Your passport and ID. Other documents may be required which the rental company will share details of during the booking process

Once you have confirmed your car hire reservation the hire company will email you details about your pick up and contact details for you to get in touch with them about your booking. If you have any questions regarding Carruss or you need help making a booking please visit our contact page and complete an enquiry form for a member of our team. 

  • Consider your activities for whilst you are renting your car.
  • Space: You'll enjoy your rental far more if you choose a car with plenty of room for your passengers and luggage.
  • Fuel consumption. What kind of driving will you be doing? Long motorway drives may be more cost effective for you with a smaller diesel engine for example.
  • Location: You can't beat an 'on-airport' pick-up for convenience, but an 'off-airport' pick-up with a shuttle bus can be much cheaper.

We work with all the major international car hire brands (and lots of smaller local companies) to bring you a huge choice of cars at the very best prices. That's how we can find you cheap car hire deals at over 60,000 locations worldwide. To compare prices and find your ideal car at an unbeatable price, just use our search form.

For most car hire companies, the age requirement is between 21 and 70 years old. If you're under 25 or over 70, you might have to pay an additional fee.

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